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The alien aspects of the Doctor

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Rec: A Man Under Wool and Leather [Oct. 29th, 2006|10:41 am]
The alien aspects of the Doctor

I came across this the other day & had to share it with somebody :) Since it's got the weird alien sex, this would be the place to share I guess :p

A Man Under Wool and Leather: Sequel to “Laundry”"
Author: Red Light Special
Rating: Adult, NC-17
Characters: Nine/Rose
Summary: Time came and went for a bit, so many adventures and experiences; all hazed over by the simple reality there’s a man under all the wool and leather. A man with hard muscled angles and unexpected soft places. A man who smells like rain and mumbles in a different language when he dreams.

Why I'm reccing: This is really sweet and adorable - it has that awkwardness and shyness of Nine and Rose dancing around each other, it's well written, well characterized, and it's very different too with the alien sex. Love it all around :)
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Fic: Context - Four/Sarah Jane - NC17 [Oct. 5th, 2006|06:12 am]
The alien aspects of the Doctor

Teaser: "Oh yes." His voice was a faint moan. "Read me, Sarah Jane." Symbols danced through his skin, under her fingers.

NC-17. Issue of consent is dealt with, though not as non-con or questionable; there's a pretty clear consent in there. Alien smut. Feminism. Text smut. Human smut. Somewhat awkward sex. A porny prompt from dynapink. Weird Fourth Doctor brain smut.

Crossposted as reasonable.

(Context, text, subtext, and sex. More notes at journal.)
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not so much a challenge as just an idea... [Aug. 21st, 2006|01:19 pm]
The alien aspects of the Doctor

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any michael moorcock fans here? i'd kind of like to see a Dancers at the End of Time/ Dr. Who crossover, just to see if those supposedly uber-decadent pre-Rasssilon Gallifreyans bear any resemblance to the Weirdness at the End of Time.
also, see the end of "Elric at the End of Time." take that, all those who think the Doctor is a Chaos God!!
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Challenge #3: Physical Weirdness [Aug. 20th, 2006|06:26 pm]
The alien aspects of the Doctor

Okay, it's been a long time, so this week I give you a challenge with a couple of sub-challenges!

Challenge #3: Physical Weirdness

* * *

The Doctor is anatomically different from humans in an unexpected way.

This doesn't include stuff that solely mentions the physical differences remarked on in canon (two hearts, respiratory bypass, body temperature) but can include the unexpected results of these physical differences: like if the respiratory bypass enabled him to exhale through his feet, f'rinstance, that would be unexpected.

Bed is a great place to discover something unusual about someone. Hint hint. The sex is MUCH encouraged on this challenge. Break the assumption that he's just got the standard-issue throbbing manhood. Does he delight his potential sex partners or freak them out? Perhaps both?

* * *

Sub-Challenge 1: The much-dreaded mpreg story.

A friend of mine who does fan fiction and fandom essays recently asked for an overview of what's been done in this arena, and recommendations of stories that actually work. I searched all archives, expecting to find at least a few stories with pregnant!Doctor from one era or another, and to my surprise turned up...

... exactly nothing.

Someone's gotta write this. It's not only bad-wrongness, it's also frighteningly easy to fit into Who canon. How do we know he doesn't have the right set of parts tucked away? Possibly through a dimensional gate? How DID Susan come about anyway?

There are things fan was not meant to know. And I think we should go out there and know them. Write this, guys. At least an absurdist, ironic drabble. Speculative minds should get to it before the TWOO WUV! crowd makes with the badness.

* * *

Sub-Challenge 2: Responses.

In which the Doctor responds differently than a human would to some set of physical stimuli.

Also easy to involve sex in this one, but doesn't have to be sex. You could also have him getting hallucinations when someone combs his hair, or whatever.
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(no subject) [Aug. 15th, 2006|12:33 am]
The alien aspects of the Doctor

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Yeah, my first fic post..ever... I don't know if I'm posting this right - so uh - a little help would be greatly appreciated. (This isn't the Nine & Rose fic I've been working on.)

Title: Prologue (to "Day One" which I'll post tomorrow)
Author: honeythunder
Character/s: Ten
Challenge: errr....uh...::looks at shoes::
Rating: G.
Author’s notes: I started writing a ginormous story about Nine and Rose. Then I started watching Season Two. Ten moved in to my head and refuses to leave.  I know the prologue is SUCH a tease - but since I've never done this before - I thought I would take a bit of a baby step first. The story started out as a tribute to fans writing fic, but then it took a darker turn and took shape as serialized flash fic chapter things. Enough rambling...here's enough for you to either hate it or want more.

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Fic: Where there's smoke... [Aug. 14th, 2006|08:30 am]
The alien aspects of the Doctor

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I don't know that he really comes across as being particularly alien in this, but anyway...

Title: Where there’s smoke…
Author: Cyber Moggy
Challenge: Number 2 – Culture
Rating: G.
Author’s notes: This is a sequel to “Celery.” Also, for those of you who aren’t Australian, a billy is basically a tin with a handle that is used for boiling water over a campfire to make soup or tea.

Read more...Collapse )
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Fic: Survivor's Guilt (or, The Elixir of Life) [Aug. 8th, 2006|06:17 pm]
The alien aspects of the Doctor

[mood |weirdweird]

Jack/Nine. Alien for sex in which telepathy is a major aspect.
Warning: NC-17, sex, BDSM, messed-up heads.


"D'you like to know what I dreamed of, Jack?" The Doctor's predatory smile made the hair stand up on Jack's forearms, made a hot, prickly haze of fear and arousal move through him. "Ask me what I dreamed of."

Part 1: Catalyst
Part 2: Precarious
Part 3: Catharsis

Teaspoon archive copy, if you prefer that.
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Back to work - not writing - BOO work! [Aug. 7th, 2006|01:31 pm]
The alien aspects of the Doctor

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I've started working on a fanfic...piece. It was supposed to be a short story. But everytime I sit down - it grows exponentially. I don't know how long it'll take - the story will be done when it's finished being told. (If that makes any sense.) I'm writing as much as I can, whenever I can. I'll try posting little bits now and then. Like now - I just lifted this right out of a section mid-conversation, no less. It's still very raw and rough draftish - here you go (oh and this is Nine and Rose and it'll be PG - maybe PG-13ish):

“Yep. No toilets. So they used the stairs.” The Doctor spoke not looking away from the controls.
Rose wrinkled her nose as she scowled, “Gross.”
“You didn’t have to smell it.” he moved to the other side of the controls cranking and turning dials along the way.
Rose leaned on the panel and stood up on her toes “Please tell me you went there to give them the secrets of indoor plumbing.”
“Nope.” He stood up facing Rose, “I went for aftershave.”
“A lifetime supply of free aftershave and you couldn’t chuck in a free toilet?”
The Doctor paused and looked up at Rose, “Hadn’t thought of it like that.”
“Why am I not surprised?” She shook her head.
The TARDIS gave a short, sharp low-end rumble. The Doctor's eyes grew wide. “Oooh! Did you feel that?”

Let's see where the journey takes us!

(I wrote it, so don't use it. I'm American - so I'll sue you....or something.)
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'They Do Things Differently' Challenge [Aug. 3rd, 2006|02:47 pm]
The alien aspects of the Doctor


Title: Without Words
Summary: There’s a difference in the Doctor which he tries to explain to Rose. Perhaps by the end of it, she will realise exactly why it is that he never voices his feelings.
Characters: Ten/Rose
Rating: PG? (Nothing actually happens, it’s just a little complex)
Words: 3,348
Disclaimer: *stares at laptop* It’s the only thing I own – promise. I don’t have Nine and Ten running around in my head, teasing me with plot bunnies and passing comments that make my muse go haywire. Honestly.
Author’s Note: Written for if_we_let_go’s community challenge ‘They Do Things Differently’. I think I had about six different attempts at trying to write different ideas, and all the one with Nine failed :< I had to settle with Ten, because this seemed to work. I’m not sure if it quite fits the bill, but, well – he is an alien. Of sorts.

( "Doctor?" )

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Challenge the Second [Aug. 1st, 2006|08:25 pm]
The alien aspects of the Doctor

[mood |curiouscurious]

Challenge Two:

* * *

If I'm from Los Angeles and you're from Atlanta, you'll see a difference in the ways we communicate; the ways we treat hospitality and other social niceties; the basic things we consider normal to do in any situation. The gulf is wider between Americans and Brits, even though we speak the same language, and it's got to be wider still between a Time Lord and the humans in his presence.

This fissure goes beyond language. It can cause anger between otherwise friendly people, or invite hilarious calamities and simple physical misunderstandings.
("Take me, Time Lord" -- take you where? )

Challenge: Someone runs afoul of a basic cultural or physical difference with the Doctor.

* * *

A few places to start:

Body language
Sex practices
Eating practices

. . . but that's not the half! Use your imagination!

I dug up some links to inspire and amuse. See comments if you're interested.

Scent challenge is still open too.
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